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WakeUpWithMarley is a wellness community for beginners.

Curated information and video recipes are uploaded on Instagram and Twitter.

Coconut Curry Chickpea - flavorful vegan assortment of coconut curry chickpea
Blueberry Lemonade - Fresh blueberry lemonade
Fruit Platter - fresh homemade fruit platter
Vegan Banana Shake - Clean vegan-based banana shake
Plantain Fries - Healthy sliced plantain fries
plant-based influencer in influential space

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Hello hi!


  I’m Marley Mauvais. 

I'm passionate about communication and technology.

I’m motivated by fun and sometimes by love.  


WakeUpWithMarley was created as a way to communicate

my love for food, colors, and community.

I'm looking forward to connecting the space between

pleasure and health -- one plate at a time.

With Love,


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