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Careers & Internships

We're excited to be expanding!


Now accepting applications for open positions and Winter internships.

send resumes to: hire@wakeupwithmarley.com


based in NYC

Store Manager, E-Commerce -  Manage all WUWM Shop inventory, source and purchase discounted shipping supplies, optimize business strategies, label, package, and ship all store orders. Works with Customer Relations Manager and sometimes Project Manager.

Seamstress - Produce patterns and source textiles for miscellaneous merchandise (aprons, nylon nut bags, table cloths, miscellaneous tailoring for events). Works with Marley and production managers.


can be remote

Social Media Intern - To shadow and assist with all things social media.

Production intern - To shadow and assist with all production.



based in NYC, NJ, LA

Event Server - Serve at small dinner parties and small company events. Must have fine-dining experience.

Kitchen Assistant(s) - Assist with meal prep and presentation during dinner parties and company events. Must have kitchen experience, family experience is ok.


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