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7 Veggies for Babies

Article written by @KnightsGlow. She has all of the baby content your life needs! Also check out her blog at Enjoy!




When I first started introducing foods to my baby, I went with the no brainer bananas and sweet potatoes. They’re usually recommended since they’re already pretty soft and easy to chew. What people DON’T tell you, is that starting off with those foods in the beginning can lead to constipation issues for your little one! Here are 7 foods you can introduce to baby that are safe, fun and delicious!

1. Zucchini: Zucchini is my favorite because I can easily cut them into little spears for Isley. A bonus that zucchini has high water content so I feel like I’m getting some extra hydration in there too.

2. Golden Beets: Beets are such a good source of fiber but the red ones tend to stain and get very messy. I opt for golden beets because they’re just as nutrient dense without the messy cleanup after.

3. Mini Tomatoes: Mini tomatoes seem like they might be a choking hazard due to size but if you steam or roast them down a bit, they’re easier to chew and JUICY little treats your little one will love.

4. Avocado: Avocado was probably the easiest to introduce because when ripe, they’re easy to mash and learn to swallow, a plus is how filling they are! A pro tip when serving avocado sliced is to dip them in baby cereal so the slices are easier for baby to grip.

5. Bok Choy: This is another veggie that has high water content as well but also already comes in long stalk form so they’re easy for baby to grab and chomp on!

6. Carrots: Carrots already come in easy to grab form so just wash peel and steam. A Pro tip: try opting for whole carrots instead of “baby carrots” which can post as a choking hazard and often times have chemicals added to preserve them.

7. White Sweet Potato: A milder version of the orange sweet potato. Serve puréed with a bit of cinnamon, breast milk or formula or slice into wedges if you’re taking in the baby led weaning approach. Since this potato isn’t as starchy as the orange counterpart, it’ll also be easier to digest.



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