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If you haven't heard yet, we have some some good news and bad news.

Good News: Though it’s hard to celebrate during this time (RIP Kobe), today marks the one year anniversary of the #WakeUpWithMarley community! It’s important for us all to love and cherish those in our lives and live each day to the fullest. I thank you all for being a part of my journey and impacting me in ways that I could’ve never imagined. We are here together, learning together, growing together, crying together and I want every single person reading this to know how much I value you and your existence today. I love you! 💗

Bad News: The WakeUpWithMarley mobile app that was set to launch today has been postponed. I collected some questions from my Instagram community and made a QUICK YouTube video explaining what happened. You can watch it here:

If you don't have the time (or attention span) to watch the full video, below is the Q&A:

1. Why did you cancel the app?

I was not proud of the outcome at all. I did not build the app myself, though I did design it. I did not get

to see the app until mid January.

2.What didn't you like about it?

The app that was delivered to me looked NOTHING like the app that was proposed to me or the design

that I drew. I would have settled if the app was able to reflect the brand or deliver the contents of the brand.

3. When will you re-launch?

Earliest Spring. Latest Summer. We've been working full time to find new developers and to continue to project.

4.Will we (pre-orders) get refunded?

Absolutely! I feel really embarrassed, especially because of the people who pre-ordered the app and

even gifted it to their friends during the holiday season. Refunds will go out immediately upon request. If you purchased the app as a GIFT please reach out to me so I can remedy the situation if I have not reached out to you already.

5. What will we get in the meantime?

I have not yet decided how I'll be delivering the recipes, measurements, benefits, shopping lists etc just yet but it will absolutely be accessible to those who have already pre-purchased the app and may not want a refund. For everyone else, I am very sorry but I wont be able to share the contents until the app is done unless I find a better solution. Feel free to send in your suggestions!

6. How did you feel about the app as a creator?

This was a baby of mine so this was SUPER EMOTIONAL for me. To be informed last minute that the app wasn't what it was portrayed to be, really killed me. But as an artist, I'm back and ready to continue the project. We can only do as much as we can!

7. Tips and advice on creating your own app?

Answer starts at 5:35 - way too long to write out, sorry!

Overall, I still feel the same electricity that I felt during my very first blog post. I can't believe that I've been able to commit to something for 356 full days. I would never image that we'd grow into what we've grown into today -- a warm, loving, transparent, and brutally honest community.

Love you guys so much!!

Feel free to email me your thoughts, requests, or just say hello at contact@WakeUpWithMarley.com.

xo Marley

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