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Caribbean Remedy

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Winter is around the corner and I make sure to have batches of this stocked up in my fridge. I start taking spoon fulls each morning around September, as the weather begins to change. This Caribbean remedy has been used for generations to strengthen immune system while fighting the cold, flu, fungal, bacterial and viral infections. You can watch how I make it or buy it from my shop.

Fresh vegan ingredients on a plate

Shopping List

  • organic or raw honey - there are no medicinal substitutes for honey sorry

  • red onion

  • fresh garlic

  • fresh ginger

  • fresh turmeric - turmeric powder is better than no turmeric but try to get the fresh one for medicinal purposes

  • citrus peel - preferably lime

  • bay leaves

  • cloves

  • star anise

  • one glass jar


  • Fill 1/3 of jar with honey

  • Peel and chop up equal parts of each ingredient

  • Add ingredients to jar

  • Cover jar tightly and store in a dark place in room temperate for 12 hours minimum. The longer the better. I let mine settle for weeks sometimes. This allows the medicinal properties in the ingredients to "sweat" into the honey


  • Take 1 tbsp of the honey every morning on an empty stomach

  • Can also be used as a cough syrup

  • If you're sick, take as needed and boil some of the condiments (about 3 tbs) for 15 minutes and make a tea. Best to drink before bed.

  • After the honey is finished, save condiments to make tea in the future.

  • You cannot add more honey to the condiments.

Selective honey with fresh vegan ingredients

Marley's Notes

  • Lasts over a year. Honey is a natural preservative so it will absolutely last a while.

  • You can add the full citrus for an extra boost but not too much pulp.

  • Try your best to find fresh turmeric. Raw ingredients are always best for medicinal recipes.

  • You can add a tbsp of powdered turmeric in addition to the fresh turmeric for an extra boost

  • Overall, powder turmeric is better than no turmeric

  • Organic or raw honey is a must. It's expensive but its an absolute must. The other stuff is merely just sugar and won't have the same medicinal properties as organic honey.

  • Unfortunately, there is no medicinal substitute for honey. Sorry vegan friends :(

  • I have this remedy available in my shop if you need it. It's a bit pricey but I did my best to price it at something reasonable for the production, shipping costs, and prep time. Not to mention, I'll be making it by hand and filling it with lots of love and healing energy lol.

  • This recipe obviously has not been tested by the FDA but its been passed down for generations. I use it often and *knock on wood* I haven't been sick for years.

  • There are many quote tweets on Twitter claiming that this has worked for them also.

I wish you all a healthy and vital season!


xo Marley


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