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How I Permanently Cleared My Acne

I started to get back-acne randomly while in high school. My dermatologist said it was because I played sports and didn't shower fast enough. Another one told me that the shampoo from washing my hair was clogging my pores. I've tried almost every acne cream and a ton of at0home "chemical peels". I suffered for a loooooooooong time and always felt insecure to expose my back and shoulders.

Fast forward ten years and I finally found the answer!


Even though I was practicing superb hygiene and giving my skin extra TLC, nothing seemed to work. I'd always hear of the word "leaky gut" but it felt so unrelatable. I later came across a thread on Twitter of a girl who said she cleared her acne using a list of vitamins. She provided the before and after pictures and she wasn't an account that would pump out sales-funnels (when people pretend to give you info just to sell you something later). Coincidentally, I've heard of her list of herbs before, aside from L-GLutamine.

I did my googles (because Google is your friend) and quickly learned:

When we eat foods like dairy, alcohol, sugary beverages, refined oils and artificial sweeteners etc, the walls of our intestines get weaker -- causing the toxins from the junk foods to leak out of our guts and into our blood stream. Instead of passing through our digestive systems, those toxin are now left to digest through our blood streams, hence acne. Think of it like: the acid from the junk food burns holes in your intestines. That's the visual I kept in my mind.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that assists in muscle repair ---- repairing the damaged intestinal lining.

I buy it in powder from Amazon or GNC and add a scoop to my water once a day. I did this for about a month and felt SO many changes, confirming I indeed had a leaky gut. My skin cleared up immediately and I had a bowel movement twice a day and at the same exact time everyday. Life was sweet.

L-Glutamine is great for many things including IBS and digestive issues. I recommend doing as much research as you can for any specific problems that you may be having. Everyone's problems are different so everyone's solutions will be as well.

L-Glutamine isn't an instant fix. I paired it with clean eating and lots of water -- the base for any form of healing. I stopped taking L-Glutamine after about 3 months because I felt healed. I used to break out INSTANTLY after eating dairy or sugar but now that I eat mostly clean and my digestive track is in order, I can eat cheese here and there and not break out or feel anything irregular.

Along with L-Glutamene, I took the daily serving of saw palmetto capsules and an evening primrose capsules.

I don't stick to this religiously anymore now that my skin is clear but I will start again if I start to have heavy breakouts (post-holiday season or after a summer vacation etc).

This trio helped me a lot and I have so much more confidence with my skin and body and a new tool to add to my wellness toolbox.

xo Marley


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